R&RNAV Support to SBAS use in Maritime

The General Lighthouse Authorities of the UK and Ireland’s (GLA) Research and Radionavigation Directorate (R&RNAV) has been involved in the investigation of maritime SBAS services for the integrity of positioning at sea for several years. This has focused on workshops of the European Maritime Radio-navigation Forum (EMRF) and the National Maritime Service Providers (NMSP) forum, engaging with the EU, GSA, ESSP and ESA. The work of this paper has been undertaken by the R&RNAV internal project which supports engagement with EU and ESA stakeholders for maritime EGNOS services.

The intention of the work is to determine the performance requirements for SBAS use at sea and to set the design approach for a Version 3 of EGNOS such that it can be used as a part of the multi-system-receiver (MSR), as defined by IMO Performance Standard MSC.401.

This paper outlines an overall approach to maritime integrity and continuity. The paper also contains an approach to the allocation of the integrity and continuity budgets that enables EGNOS to be of real value within the MSR. Subsequent papers are being drafted by the GLA that contain further information about a possible maritime EGNOS V3 solution.

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